I first made this dish in my cooking class at college.  I was cleaning my closet and found the recipe, so here it is!

12      veal scaloppine (1 1/2 oz each)
1 dash   salt
1 dash   white pepper
12 slices prosciutto, sliced thin about the same diameter as the veal
12      sage leaves
1.5 oz   butter
3.25 oz  white wine

1     Pound the veal scaloppini with a mallet.
2     Season with salt and white pepper.
3     Put a slice of prosciutto and a sage leaf on top of each and fasten with a tooth pick.
4     Sauté quickly in butter on both sides.
5     Add the wine and continue to cook for about 5 minutes or until the meat is done and the wine is partly reduced.
6     Remove the meat from the pan and serve, prosciutto side up, with a spoonful of the pan juices over each.

Servings: 6