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    englandboy – John

    I was given this workout by my District Nurse. It looks hard, but the District Nurse says it does get easier in time

    Week 1
    3 x 30 minute walks a week.
    It may be easier break it down into 3 x 10 minute walks to accumulate the 30 minutes.

    Week 2-3

    You may break this down into 2 x 15 minute walks to accumulate 30 minutes.

    Weeks 4-6
    The next 3 weeks are devoted to increasing the distance, speed and difficulty of your walks, so you are able to cope with longer more arduous trips.

    Week 4
    5 x 30 minute walks per week.
    Again, you may break this down into 2 walks of 15 minutes.

    Week 5
    Step up your walking habit by increasing to 5 x 45 minute walks per week
    You can break this up into 1 x 15 minute and 1 x 30 minute walk.

    Week 6
    Time to increase the effort by adding some more speed and / or endurance to your workout.
    Continue with 5 x 45 minute walks a week but either try to walk further each time or take a different route and include a few hills.

    Week 6 onwards
    Congratulations!! You are now a walker. Keep up the good work.
    Aim to increase to an hour of walking every day – remember you can still break it down into smaller chunks if you find it hard to find the time.

    Remember though, don`t overdo it


    Thanks England, I thought I posted under this one a while back, but guess I didn’t! πŸ˜•

    I know you have went through a lot with your heath, and this is great advice, and I for one need to follow it!



    excerpter article, i think, caring food is more batter than exercise to fitness.

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