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    Turkey Cajun Style

    12 – 14 lb turkey
    Season inside and out generously with 2 – 3 Tbsp Tony’s seasoning

    (in blender: 1 onion 1/2 green bell pepper 2 sticks celery 1 clove garlic = 1cup veg mix)

    Place 1 cup veg mix & 2 sticks butter inside bird Place bird in roasting/baking pan

    Cover the turkey breast with bacon strips and a paste of butter & flour.*
    1 cup chicken stock (1/2 inside bird other half in bottom of pan)
    Cover or tent and bake in 300 degree pre-heated oven around 4 hrs, steaming until tender. Remove cover, pour off pan juices, set oven to 500 degrees and brown bird for about 8 – 10 minutes.

    *”almost” equal amounts (just a little more of the butter). Melt/heat butter than the flour is stirred in to make a paste that is not “too dry”

    Old CooT

    Tony’s Creole Seasoning

    This recipe is from Tony Chachere’s first cookbook although I have seen this combination of spices in other cookbooks with different names. Mix your own spices and you could adjust to your taste.

    26 ounces box of salt
    1 1/2 ounce box of ground black pepper
    1 ounce bottle garlic powder
    1 ounce bottle chili powder
    1 ounce carton monosodium glutamate (Accent)
    Mix all ingredients together and combine well. Save your old spice bottles and fill.

    As with all seasonings store in an airtight container or bottle


    O C

    You somehow omitted from the recipe above for the seasoning:

    2 oz ground red pepper

    **Also to make his “seasoning for seafood”:

    use half of the mixture


    1 tsp powdered thyme
    1 tsp bay leaf
    1 tsp sweet basil

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