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    Terrible service, terrible food!

    Walked in, a guy gave us menus, showed us to a table, throwed the menus on the table, never said one word.

    Waited over 15 minutes for a waitress, then finally had to flag one down, they were NOT that busy!
    We said sorry, but no one has waited on us, she said NO PROBLEM, come on, what happened to I”m sorry??? How did the words NO PROBLEM replace, I”M sorry, or thank you??? I have a really big issue with that. You say thank you, someone says, no problem????

    Anyway, the food finally arrived, and one of the meals had hamburger meat that was old, on the verge of being spoiled, or was already spoiled.
    I will say the manager did come over and apologize. Took that one thing off our bill, and gave us 5 dollars off a next meal. Which was really nice of him. BUT, I won’t be back!

    All in all, I give it a way BIG hands down!



    Dang Peggy, that sux!! I had a bummer dinner last night too!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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