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    Southern Barbecue


    2 (2 liter) bottles cola
    1 (16 ounce) bottle red wine vinegar
    2 18 ounce bottles Worcestershire sauce
    1 (16 ounce) bottle lemon juice
    2 (16 ounce) bottles zesty Italian dressing
    1 pound dark brown sugar
    1 bottle spicy barbecue dressing or seasoning
    Salt and pepper to taste
    80 pounds pork ribs
    40 pounds chicken

    Start fire in grill, scattering wood pieces (pecan or oak, aged 6 months or more) on top to smoke and add flavor. Position racks as far from fire as possible.

    While grill heats, prepare a sauce. Mix together cola, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, Italian dressing, sugar and barbecue seasoning.

    Sprinkle both sides of meat with salt, pepper and 3/4 of the barbecue sauce. Rub in with your hand.

    Using a clean paintbrush, baste every 10 minutes with remaining sauce. Turn meat only to prevent burning. Keep lid closed between bastings.

    Cook for 55 minutes or until a cut in the center of several pieces shows desired stage of doneness.

    Serves: 100

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