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    3 pork link sausages per number of people being served
    3 small potatoes (but large enough to make a
    hole for a sausage) per serving
    1 large spanish or vidalia onion, thin-sliced

    Slice off a small bit off the side of each potato to create a flat side.
    use an apple-corer to make a hole top-to-bottom through each potato.

    Parboil pork sausages (which have been pierced to let out steam) just a minute and insert into the holes in the potatoes.
    (chop cores of potato removed put in with the rest of the casserole.)

    Lay onion slices into a casserole, place potatoes in, side-by-side flat-side-down. Cover with 1 can cream of celery (or asparagus, or mushroom) soup, mixed with a cup or 2 of the liquor from parboiling. (variations welcome; a little hot sauce in the soup works for me !)
    Bake at medium, 350 degrees for 1 hour.

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