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    After being a vegetarian for about 5 years and then surviving cancer, I have found the info from the NT book to be the most comprehensive about detailing our nutritional needs.
    I have been making my own fermented foods including cabbage & carrot mix-much like kimchee or sauerkraut, fermented catsup, homemade mayo with whey & sunflower/olive oil. I also ferment milk with lotus blossom/kefir grains to make kefir which is like liquid yogurt. I strain the kefir to make a soft cream cheese. I use the whey to soak grains like oats to aid in nutritional value and as a ‘start’ for fermented veggies and condiments.
    I like to make big pots of stock (bones) and broth (meat) for making rice & sauces. My last pot of turkey stock practically saluted me when I removed it from the fridge it was so firm! I add 1-2 T. vinegar to the pot to acidify the water and help make the calcium in the bones available. I could actually feel my teeth ‘eating/drinking’ that stock when I ate it!
    I want to make some fish sauce from fish heads next!
    Here’s some more info on the book for you. Anybody else here follow NT?

    Nourishing Traditions

    This book By Sally Fallon is an exceptional compilation of recipes, studies, research & data that plainly show that we as human animals were designed to be sustained by meat.

    “No culture in the history of mankind has been based on a one hundred percent vegetarian diet, and although one can theoretically, in the light of contemporary nutritional scientific knowledge, obtain all the nutrients needed to provide good health, the technology to insure such has not been developed and such a vegetarian diet is extremely risky.”
    H. Leon Abrams Vegetarianism: an anthropological/Nutritional evaluation

    I highly recommend reading it.

    Journalist, chef, nutrition researcher, homemaker and community activist, Sally Fallon is the author of Nourishing Traditions The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats. This well-researched, though-provoking guide to traditional foods contains a startling message: Animal fats and cholesterol are not villains but vital factors in the diet, necessary for normal growth, proper function of the brain and nervous system, protection from disease and optimum energy levels.

    Mrs. Fallon’s lifelong interest in the subject of nutrition began in the early 1970’s when she read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price. Called the “Charles Darwin of Nutrition,” Price traveled the world over studying healthy indigenous populations and their diets. The unforgettable photographs contained in his book document the beautiful facial structure and superb physiques of isolated groups consuming only whole, natural foods. Price noted that all of these diets contained a source of good quality animal fat, which provided numerous factors necessary for the full expression of our genetic potential and optimum health. Mrs. Fallon applied the principles of the Weston Price research to the feeding of her own children, and proved to herself that a diet rich in animal fats, and containing the protective factors in old fashioned foodstuffs like cod liver oil, liver and eggs, makes for sturdy, cheerful children with naturally straight teeth and a high immunity to illness.

    When the youngest of her four children became old enough to attend school full time, Mrs. Fallon applied her writing skills and training in French and Mediterranean cooking to the subject of nutrition and began work on a comprehensive cookbook that would combine accurate information on nutrition with delicious, practical recipes. She teamed with Mary Enig, Ph.D., an expert of world renown in the subject of lipids and human nutrition. First published in 1996, Nourishing Traditions has stimulated the public health and medical communities to take a new look at the importance of traditional foods and preparation techniques in human health, and to reexamine the many myths about saturated fats and cholesterol. The book places special emphasis on the feeding of babies and children, to ensure optimal development during their crucial growing years.

    Mrs. Fallon is the Founder of the Weston A Price Foundation for Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and the Healing Arts, a nonprofit nutrition education foundation based in Washington, DC, and editor of the Foundation’s quarterly magazine.

    She also founded A Campaign for Real Milk, dedicated to creating consumer awareness of the health benefits of clean, whole unpasteurized milk from grass-fed cows.

    During the past four years Mrs. Fallon has presented numerous lectures and seminars in Canada, the UK and Australia, as well as the United States. Most recently she was a keynote speaker for the Acres USA annual convention and an all-day seminar in San Francisco sponsored by Radiant Life. She has been a guest of numerous radio talk show hosts including Dr. Robert Atkins, Robert Crayhon, Leyna Berman and Derek McGinty.

    Mrs. Fallon received a Bachelors Degree in English with honors from Stanford University, and Masters Degree in English with high honors from UCLA. She lives in Washington, DC with her husband John Fallon, one child still at home, and three who come home from time to time for a good meal. She has served as president of her local citizens group and is actively involved in community landscaping projects. She speaks French and Spanish. Her interests include music, gardening, metaphysics . . . and, of course, cooking.


    Nourishing Traditions — This well-researched, thought-provoking guide to traditional foods contains a startling message: Animal fats and cholesterol are not villains but vital factors in the diet, necessary for normal growth, proper funciton of the brain and nervous system, protection from disease and optimum energy levels. Sally Fallon dispels the myths of the current low-fat fad in this practical, entertaining guide to a can-do diet that is both nutritious and delicious.

    Topics include the health benefits of traditional fats and oils (including butter and coconut oil); dangers of vegetarianism; problems with modern soy foods; health benefits of sauces and gravies; proper preparation of whole grain products; pros and cons of milk consumption; easy-to-prepare enzyme enriched condiments and beverages; and appropriate diets for babies and children.

    From the Back Cover of Nourishing Traditions
    The Diet Dictocrats don’t want you to know that…

    Your body needs old-fashioned animal fats. New-fangled polyunsaturated oils can be bad for you. Modern whole grain products can cause health problems. Traditional sauces promote digestion and assimilation. Modern food processing denatures our foods but Ancient preservation methods actually increase nutrients in fruits, nuts vegetables, meats and milk products!

    At last a successful challenge to Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats!

    Recalling the culinary customs of our ancestors, and looking ahead to a future of robust good health for young and old, Nourishing Traditions offers modern families a fascinating guide to wise food choices and proper preparation techniques. Sally Fallon unites the wisdom of the ancients with the latest independent and accurate scientific research in over 700 delicious recipes that will please both exacting gourmets and busy parents.

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