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    My Dinner Loves Dancing

    My food loves to prance, to jump, to dance;
    I wait for the time, I wait for the chance!
    As mommy goes in and out of the room;
    tables and chairs become their ballroom!
    I flick my fingers; swing my wrist.
    Beans and turkey are doing the twist!
    Peas, plumbs, apples or mangos;
    on to the walls, they’re doing the tango!

    With grace, with taste, they drip from the ceiling;
    squash on my head is such a great feeling!
    Talented textures cover my feet.
    Sensations in rhythm; squished in my seat!
    They run down my leg; slide down in rows;
    a flavored performance of mashed potatoes!
    My kitties are tickling, licking my feet;
    purring an encore; a wonderful treat!

    Even my puppies stand in display;
    showing their talents; food for ballet!
    With me as the maestro, directing the show;
    waving my hands, perfection I throw!
    Symphonic expressions fly through the air;
    musical remnants of fruit in my hair! Just as
    great things must come to an end; with wipes
    in her hand, my mommy steps in!

    She starts with the wiping, my ears and my toes.
    She searches for dancers, stuck in my nose!
    I know that she cares; doesn’t she know?
    She’s ruining perfection; she’s ruining my show!

    Away with my spoons and off with my bib!
    Off to my bath and into my crib!
    Where now I can dream and think of my chance;
    a time soon to come when my dinner will dance!

    – L. John Riley jr.

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