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    David C


    Almonds ground 1c <75g
    Apple, 1med, sliced 1c 125g
    Banana, 1med, sliced 1c 175g
    Barley, pearl uncooked 1c 175g
    Beetroot, 1 med, sliced 1c 125g
    Beans, dry 1c 225g
    Breadcrumbs, fresh 1c 50g
    Breadcrumbs, dry 1c 100g
    Butter 1c 225g
    Butter 1 stick 100g
    Cabbage, raw, sliced 1c >75g
    Cheese, cheddar,
    grated 1c 100g
    Cheese, parmesan,
    grated 1c 75g
    Cheese, cream, curd,
    cottage 1c 225g
    Chicken, raw or cooked,
    chopped 1c 225g
    Chocolate plain 1 squar 25g
    Cocoa powder 1c <100g
    Coconut, desiccated 1c 50g
    Cornflour, cornstarch 1c 100g
    Cornmeal, polenta 1c 100g
    Courgette, zucchini,
    1med, sliced 1c 125g
    Crackers, crushed 1c 75g
    Cranberries, whole 1c >75g
    Cream, single, whipping,
    double 1c unwhipped
    2c whipped 225ml
    Cucumber, sliced or
    chopped 1c 125g
    Currants 1c 125g
    Cut mixed peel,
    candied fruit 1c 125g
    Dates, chopped or whole 1c 200g
    Graham crackers,
    Digestive biscuits 1c >75g
    Eggs ? whites 8-10 1c 225g
    Eggs ? yolks 12-15 1c 225g
    Flour, plain, SR 1c 125g
    Flour, Brown 1c 125g
    Flour, wholewheat,
    graham 1c 150g
    Gelatine, powdered 1 envelope <7g
    Herbs, fresh, chopped 1c 50g
    Lemon 1 med. 2tbs juice, 1tsp zest 30ml juice, 5ml zest
    Lemon juice 1c 225ml
    Lentils, uncooked 1c 125g
    Liquids 1c 240ml
    1pt 450ml
    1qt 900ml
    1gal 3.75ltrs
    Macaroni, uncooked 1c >100g
    Mayonnaise 1c 175g
    Meat, raw or cooked
    Chopped 1c 225g
    Meat, thinly sliced 1 1/2c 225g
    Mincemeat 1c 275g
    Mushrooms, raw, sliced 1c 50g – 75g
    Nuts, broken or coarsely
    chopped ? walnuts,
    hazelnuts, almonds 1c 100g
    Nuts- peanuts, pecans 1c 25g
    Oatmeal, porridge oats 1c 75g
    Oil 1c 240ml
    Onion, chopped 1c 125g
    Oysters, raw, shelled 1pt 450g
    Potatoes, 1 med, raw,
    sliced, diced 1c 175g – 200g
    Potatoes, cooked, mashed 1c 225g
    Peanut butter 1c 225g
    Pepper, red, green, sliced 1c 100g – 125g
    Pepper red, green, diced 1c 125g – 175g
    Pumpkin, tinned, cooked,
    mashed 1c 225g
    Raisins 1c 175g
    Rice, uncooked 1c 175g 3-4 c cooked
    Semolina 1c 100g
    Shallots, 6med 1/4c 25g
    Suet, shredded 1c >100g
    Sugar, caster/granulated 1c 200g
    Sugar, brown 1c 140g
    Sugar, icing/confectioners 1c <100g
    Sultanas 1c 175g
    Sweet potatoes, chopped 1c 125g
    Tomatoes, 1 med, chopped 1c 125g – 175g
    Treacle, molasses 1c 350g
    Yeast fresh 1pkg / cake 15g
    Yeast dry 1pkg 7g 10ml

    1 teaspoon (tsp) = 5ml spoon
    1 tablespoon (tbsp) = 15ml spoon
    2 tablespoons liquid = 1/8 Cup
    5 tablespoons liquid = 1/3 Cup
    8 tablespoons liquid = 1/2 Cup


    what do the question marks represent?

    David C

    I have altered the ? to a – as it was in the original word document that I copied and pasted. This also lost all the tabs etc. Sorry that it is not as neat as I would like but hope it is useful. Most of the measurements I have checked myself..


    thanks, david!

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