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    Do You

    Do you ever feel like the bystander just looking in?
    Wanting to belong but not getting it some how.
    Trying to find your way
    Pretending to laugh pretending to be a part of.
    Little Miss ray of sunshine
    Trying so hard to believe what you say
    and when that doesn’t work
    being funny, disagreeable what ever it takes to play
    being so alone at times.
    so lost wanting to find your way
    Bringing your self back up cause the choice you make affects each day


    Which path do I follow?
    What road should I choose?

    Will I fail or loose my way
    Who will show me how?
    The answer eludes me every day
    And I need to know right now.
    Then my voice from deep within
    Tells me to decide
    I will see, I am not lost,
    For the answer lies inside


    Some came from far away
    Others are from near
    United by a perfect time
    And space which brought us here
    Tall, short, large or small
    Each actors in a play
    Living our lives by choices made
    And knowing we’re okay
    I open my eyes, my heart and soul
    Amazed at what I see
    For each and everyone of you became the same
    As me

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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