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    I recently got a Swedish pancake recipe that calls for 1 DL flour and 2 DL milk among other things. Does anyone know what a DL is? ❓

    Old CooT

    Quite possibly it is a Deciliter

    1 deciliter = 0.422 675 282 cup [US]

    it would be just under a half cup

    don’t confuse it with a Dekaliter, thats about 42 cups


    Right! That would fit perfectly with the recipe. Thanks so very much.


    wow, thanks OC, never knew that! 😯

    David C

    A dl is a decilitre
    or 1/10 of a litre
    or 10 ml.
    or 10g of liquid

    The dl is used on the continent of Europe more than in England where ml and grams have just about taken over from pounds and pints.

    It is now illegal in GB to sell goods in pounds and ounces and the only liquid allowed to be sold in pints is Beer in a Bar where metric measures are illegal, the glass has to be government stamped as a legal measure.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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