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    Make A Homemade Giant Hershey Kiss:

    1. Select a plastic funnel the size of the kiss you wish to make.

    2. Decide if you want it plain or with nuts, peanut butter,
    caramel, white chocolate, Rice Krispies, etc.

    3. Melt enough Hershey’s chocolate bars to make your kiss in a
    double boiler being careful not to scorch it.

    4. Plug end of funnel with a mini marshmallow and rest it in a
    sturdy cup (coffee cup is great).

    5. Add fillers, if desired, to melted chocolate and pour into
    funnel. Tap the funnel gently to make sure no air is trapped.

    6. Cool at room temperature for several hours. Tap funnel and the
    kiss will slide out. Wrap in aluminum foil and tie with ribbon.

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