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    Lucky’s Delight

    2 slices Russian Pumpernickel
    3 slices liverwurst
    2 slices fresh tomato
    2 slices provolone
    4 sweet pickle slices
    spicy brown mustard

    Slather one side of one slice of the bread and place on plate, slathered side up.
    place the pickles on the bread, one slice of the cheese on the pickles, one slice of the tomato on the cheese, arrange the liverwurst slices on the tomato, place the other slice of cheese on the liverwurst, the other slice of tomato on the cheese. Slather the second slice of bread and place, slathered side down to top the sandwich.

    Slice on the diagonal and serve with a few extra sweet pickle slices at the side of the plate.

    Also works well with yellow mustard.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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