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    I am looking for a potato receipt called “Schmarm”. I think that’s the way it’s spelled. It is potatoes cut up and baked some way. I use to eat it at a German lady’s house and they always ate it with saurkraut. Anyone have the receipt? Thanks!

    Old CooT

    I found this



    Suss-Saures Kartoffelgemuse (Sweet-and-Sour Potatoes)

    Ingredients :

    8 x New Potatoes, Boiled In Skin
    1 x Onion, Medium, Diced
    1/4 tsp Salt
    1/4 tsp Pepper
    3/4 cup Sugar
    4 x Bacon, Slices, Cut Up
    3/4 cup Vinegar

    Method :

    * Peel and cube potatoes. Add diced onion, salt, pepper, and sugar. Reserve in a covered bowl. In a small frypan, fry the bacon until crisp. Add the vinegar to the hot bacon and bring to a boil. Pour immediately over potato mixture, mix well. If too tart, add a little more sugar before serving. Cut endive or leaf lettuce add to this is very good.



    I’m stumped! closest thing i can find is a pancake called “Schmarren”

    Old CooT

    that was the closest I could find with the given description,, and starting with “S”


    You think they could be talking about german potato salad, and just have the name confused? It’s baked in the oven. ❓


    I’m guessing it was a family-built recipe that we will never find………….. 🙁


    You’re probably right 🙁


    Hello mayermanorHere are a few of what I believe you are lookin’ for…hope one of these will do the trick…

    2 beaten eggs
    2 cups milk
    1 Tbs. melted butter
    2 cups flour
    1 Tsp. salt
    1 Tbs. baking powder
    1 Tsp. sugar
    2 cups grated raw potatoes
    1 medium onion miced

    Combine eggs, milk, and butter. In separate bowl, sift flour with salt, adding baking powder and sugar. Add potatoes and onions to egg combination. Gradually add sifted flour and ingredients and blend well. Bake on hot griddle.

    _Or: Bake in the oven for about 10 to 15 minutes. You will see that the outside edges can get quite crispy. Brush the tops with oil or spray, flip over each pancake and return to the oven. After 5 to 7 more minutes, remove from the oven and lift the pancakes from the pan and on to your plate.

    Makes 12-15 pancakes.

    _Hopefully the following I translated correctly…it was a recipe in German…the “German” conversion is different from the UK & Australian ones.

    _It is best if you have a kitchen scale so that you can do the weights.

    Kartoffelschmarrn (Lower Bavarian)

    1.1 lb potatoes (500 g)
    1/2 cup flour (80 g)
    1 onion
    Sunflower Oil

    Peel potatoes & cook in salted water and leave to cool. Peel the onion and finely chop.

    Run the potatoes through a potato press into a bowl, add onion, salt, & pepper and then blend in the flour.

    Heat oil in a pan and fry the Schmarrn (pancake) …roughly crushing …until a golden brown.

    ***I imagine that you could also bake this as stated in the recipe above.

    -Serve with a simple green salad or sauerkraut.

    The following is not a Schmarrn, but it also could sorta be what you are looking for…

    Potato Kugel (Jewish)

    3 eggs, beaten
    3 cups grated, drained raw potatoes
    1/2 cup flour
    1/2 teaspoon baking powder
    1 1/2 teaspoons salt
    1/4 teaspoon pepper
    3 tablespoons grated onion
    4 tablespoons melted butter

    Peel potatoes, shred coarsely into a large bowl of cold water. Drain and rinse in cold running water. Squeeze firmly into toweling to remove as much water as possible.

    Beat eggs in a large bowl until bubbly. Add potatoes, onion, flour, baking powder and salt. Stir to blend.

    Grease a baking pan. Pour mixture into pan, drizzle top with melted butter.

    Bake in a pre-heated 350 degree oven for 1 – 1 1/2 hours until richly browned and crusty. Cut into squares and serve.

    _Just in case you would be interested…since it sounds like you like sauerkraut…here is a little extra I’ll throw in…I even made this yesterday to take to a family cook-out, we enjoy it.

    SAUERKRAUTSALAT MIT SCHINKEN (Sauerkraut Salad With Ham)

    1 lb. sauerkraut (1 lb. can)
    1/2 lb. blue grapes (I use red seedless)
    6 oz. cooked ham

    1/2 cup yogurt
    1/4 teaspoon salt
    1/4 teaspoon white pepper
    1 teaspoon honey

    Rinse and drain sauerkraut; chop coarsely. Wash grapes and cut in half; remove seeds if desired. Cut ham in julienne strips. Gently mix these 3 ingredients.

    Blend dressing ingredients and stir into sauerkraut mixture. Marinate for 10 minutes; adjust seasoning before serving, if necessary.
    Serves 4.


    @Peggy wrote:

    You think they could be talking about german potato salad, and just have the name confused? It’s baked in the oven. ❓

    Oven??? 😯

    😕 …ahhh…here’s a couple I make:

    KARTOFFELSALAT MIT SPECK…(German Potato Salad With Bacon)

    8 potatoes (dice, boil till tender, drain)
    1 onion (chopped)
    1 lb. bacon (diced)

    Fry diced bacon till crisp. Remove from skillet. Heat 4 T. bacon grease, 1/2 c. water, 1/2 c. vinegar and 1/2 to 3/4 c. sugar, in skillet. Bring to a boil.

    Add thickening made with about 1/2 c water and 1/2 c. flour that has been completely blended together. Stir to incorporate.

    Pour over potatoes and onions. Mix well. Add salt and pepper, to taste. Add dried parsley, if desired.

    WARMER KARTOFFELSALAT MIT SPECK…(Hot Potato Salad with Bacon)

    6 to 8 boiling potatoes
    Water to cover
    1/4 pound bacon, diced
    1 onion, minced
    1/2 to 3/4 cup vinegar
    1/2 to 3/4 cup beef stock
    Salt and white pepper
    Sour cream (optional)
    Minced parsley


    Well, baked german potato salad was the first recipe I found that sounded similar to what they were looking for, should have looked further huh? 😳


    Not easy to know or find unless you sorta been there done that in a round about way… 😯 😕 😉


    Thanks for finding it!!! I’m sure one of them is it!

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