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    Before you put the lobster under the knife, cool it in the freezer for fifteen minutes or so. This will deaden the functioning of its nervous system, as well as slow its metabolism and prevent the animal from moving around while you’re working it into the pot

    Fill a large pot half to two-thirds full with water.
    Set your burner to high heat and bring water to a rolling boil.
    Put into this 1/2 cupful of salt,
    Add lobsters to the pot head first, making sure that they are completely submerged.
    Cover the pot tightly and return to a boil as quickly as possible.
    Once water is boiling again, cook the lobsters 10 minutes for the first pound and 3 additional minutes for each additional pound, i.e., cook a two-pound lobster for 13 minutes.
    When the antennae pull out easy, the lobsters are done.
    Serve with melted butter.


    To Dress Lobsters Cold

    Crack the shell of the claws carefully, remove the meat and place on a platter. Turn the
    lobster on its back, lay a heavy knife on the middle of the tail, all the way up to the body.
    Give it a gentle blow with a hammer, then with both hands turn back the shell and draw
    out the tail intact. Twist off the claws from the under side of the body and remove the
    body from the shell. Open and remove the stomach and sandbags. Open the tail in length,
    halfway through, on the under side, remove the black vein from the body to the end.
    Dress with parsley and serve.


    Somebody wanna buy me the lobster?? I LOVE Lobster!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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