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    Jalapeno Roll-ups

    12 Oz. Cream Cheese
    1 Can Green Chiles — –or– 3 To 4 Jalapenos — finely chopped
    10 Large Soft Tortillas
    2/3 C. Sour Cream
    3 T. Taco Or Picante Sauce

    In a bowl combine cream cheese, sour cream, peppers and taco sauce
    until blended. Lay a tortilla out flat and spread a thin layer of
    cream cheese mixture on it. Then, tightly roll up tortilla (like
    a jelly roll). Wrap in Saran wrap and refrigerate from 24 hours to
    4 days. Repeat with remaining tortillas.

    After refrigeration, unwrap rolls and slice in about 1/4 ” thick
    slices. Serve on a platter with parsley or Boston lettuce and can be
    served with salsa for dipping.

    This recipe makes about 80-100 slices.
    ***TIP: Cut with a very sharp knife
    NOTES : This is an easy appetizer that can be
    made up to 4 days ahead and looks and tastes a little different-
    – – –

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