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    Many people love to drink cool and clean crisp beer. We go the supermarket and buy cool beer. Well, modern machine like Vending Machine are also providing beer to the people. As we know beer contain little amount of alcohol and it is easy to digest. Most of the people love to drink beer but few people know how to make beer? First of all you need some equipment. Here are list of equipments.
    1. Brew pot
    2. Kitchen strainer.
    3. Kitchen thermometer.
    4. Large funnel.
    5. Rolling pin.
    6. Bottling container.
    7. Bottles.
    Now you need some ingredients and they are as follows.
    1. 6 lbs of light dried malt.
    2. 2.25 Oz of East Kent golden hops.
    3. Some brewer yeast.
    4. 3 to 8 cup sugar for bottling.

    Brewing consist five simple stages.

    1. Brewing the Beer.
    2. Cooling and Fermenting.
    3. Priming and Bottling.
    4. Aging.
    5. Drinking.

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