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    Hoedown Bbq
    Yield: 480 Servings

    1 steer

    First you need a backhoe to dig a hole big enough to accommodate
    several cords of wood. Use hardwoods, apple is good and fenceposts
    are acceptable, but do not use treated or creosoted wood. Once the
    wood has burned down to a bed of coals several feet deep, about
    four hours, prepare the beef: cut into large chunks of 15 pounds
    each, wrap in butcher paper and then in wet burlap bags; tie
    securely. Toss the packages directly onto the coals, quickly cover
    with a large sheet of tin, and cover the tin with dirt. The secret
    is to keep out oxygen so the coals do not burn quickly and burn
    the meat. The beef is left to cook- allow 12 hours for this.

    After the 12 hours are up uncover the bundles; they will not be
    charred. Unwrap, slice and serve with baked beans, fresh bread,
    salads, pickles and for dessert 60 assorted pies and 30 cakes.

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