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    We all use heating pads from time to time, but this works great as an emergency substitute if you don’t have one.
    If you sew, you can make a pillow {size is your choice, depending on your need} and fill it with uncooked rice. Flax seed works very well. I make a removable case for the pillow that can be thrown in the wash.
    *Mist the pillow with water and place on a microwave safe plate* and heat in microwave for two minutes on med. to high heat until very warm.
    * This step prevents scorching. Believe me I’ve learned the hard way.
    When the pillow starts to cool, simply squeeze and manipulate the pillow to create more heat until it needs to be reheated in the microwave, following directions above.
    In a pinch, I have used a clean, old large sock, filled it with flax or rice, tied a knot and heated as directed.
    Hope you find this useful.



    Thanks G! And let me tell y’all this does work! I just had an abcess tooth, and G fixed me up with this cure! Helped with the swelling, AND the pain :salute:



    😀 glad to hear it. I use mine all the time. Sometimes just to warm my feet in bed.
    Forgot to mention you can freeze them as well. I recommend putting them in a bag or zip lock before freezing then remove bag before using. Makes a great ice pack in a pinch.



    Ah Ha! I was just talking about my corn bags! Everyone I gave them to just adores them! I made mine with all different pretty flannel fabric with little slip covers to take off and wash! Awesome!



    I’ve always wanted to make some april fools ones with popcorn in them!
    I love making these. My poor 1964 sewing machine has run over more rice then you could ever imagine! I add lavender & chamomile for relaxing aroma. I like to bag and freeze them too. I seen a pattern once to make slippers that have rice in the sole to keep the tootsies warm. I pop a couple bean bag size ones in my bra or pockets on really cold days! :sailor:



    How did I miss your posts??? I’m sorry, thanks sooooo much for posting! Sorry I just found them! Been one of those months! 😯

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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