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    Old CooT

    Hard Rock Cafe / Casino in Biloxi, Ms.

    This was a Interesting experience for Mom and me.

    We Originally planned to go on Sunday, Mothers day, but upon further discussion,.. we decided the place would be a zoo on Sunday and put it off til today (Tuesday after Mothers Day).

    Now ya have to understand.. Mom and me have a date each friday at the Silver Slipper to play the freebies and eat dinner.. and this visit follows this theme,. but we changed locations for this week.

    We treat it like a movie, seldome spending $20-$30 bucks, we don’t expect jackpots, just a good time.

    Now, Back to THR cafe,… It was a great time,. originally,.. it had opened shortly before Katrina,. and got whacked by the same. What I liked about it was you could wander around and look at memoribelia from the floor to the ceiling for hours,.. there’s a Ruth’s Chris Steak house, Starbucks, Ben and Jerry’s, a buffet, and a couple other restaurants in thereaside from the Hard Rock Cafe.

    As new members,.. we went to the buffet at half price, under $7 bucks each,

    I jumped on some fresh shrimp that was just put on the table, a slice of catfish, stuffed crab, ect.. Mom had 3 plates, and 2 dessert dishes,,,including Thai curry chicken, chicken lo mein the stuffed crab I had carrot cake and some mysterious things..

    Mon raged on all her stuff,. but said the curry chicken was a bit spicy ..but she liked it,,,she enjoyed the variety and ate just coz it tasted good…lolzzz.. and slept all the way home,,

    she also won about $80 buck over the $20 she had to play with

    I won $20 with the $15 I started with,,,

    it was a good time for all… I could have lost my $20 and still have a good time since I am not out to break the bank

    At least I came home with 2 hats and 2dept.. fancy shot classes.. that’s where they got me.. lol,. in the Souvenir dept.



    Sounds like you and Mom had a wonderful belated Mother’s day, that’s great!

    Mom and I had gone to a few casinos in Biloxi, but never saw that one, sounds great! Tell your Mom Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

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