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    Tyson Fresh Meats Inc. on Friday recalled more than 40,000 pounds of ground beef shipped to Wal-Mart stores in 12 states after samples tested at a Sherman, Texas, plant showed signs of E. coli contamination.

    No illnesses had been reported. Springdale-based Tyson Foods Inc. said the recall is not related to contaminated ground beef distributed by California-based United Food Group LLC.

    The recalled products were sent to Wal-Mart stores in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas, Tyson said.

    Tyson recalled 40,440 pounds of ground beef, all of which had sell-by dates of June 13. The ground beef was sold in prepackaged trays that were placed directly into the meat case.

    The recalled products include:

    1.33-pound trays of Angus steak burger all natural, 85/15, extra thick, 4 1/3-pound patties;


    Thanks Nana! Whew! I just bought ground meat from wal mart today! It wasn’t Tyson, it was the wal mart brand and the one in the roll packages!

    How are you? Haven’t seen you in a long time again.

    texas girl

    I never buy Wal-Mart meat.. Don’t like it!


    Wow, someone else that doesn’t like Wally World besides me?? 😯 I’m not too crazy about it either, but, it’s cheaper! 😥


    I just heard on the evening news that it’s been off the market for a month and it’s now been added to include frozen ground beef. It’s any brand and they did not say that it was Wal-Mart’s. They did say if you have any that says EST. 1214, throw it away. People in the West and Northwest have already gotten sick. They’re afraid with summer and grilling time coming up more often that more might appear on grills across America. Please check your freezer and if you want to, check the Government Agriculture site for more info.

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