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    As we all know, the usage of stainless steel cook wares is quite common, but only a handful of the users really get the most of even the best stainless steel cookware. The reason being, most of the stainless steel cook sets are known for their conduct of heat as well as their uneven heating. The most common problems you would generally face while using a stainless steel cookware is burning of food and sticking to the bottom.

    Have you ever wondered, Why food sticks and burns when cooked using stainless steel cook ware?

    Sticking of food is the outcome of the chemical bonding between the components of the food and those of the utensil; the chances of this happening increase if the food happens to be rich in protein. In order to prevent this, it is mandatory that you clean the utensil and free it of any remaining food particles.

    The sudden change of temperature in the pan is also likely to cause sticking. Even the best among the stainless steel cookware sets are not spared by the sudden temperature fluctuation. So, placing food that was taken out of the refrigerator directly into a heated pan is a recipe for a cooking disaster. The pan should be hot and dry when the food is added.

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