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    I left in Autumn
    Not the end of summer life but the beginning of a new season, without pain or strife
    Moving forward, moving on
    A change to be sure but not gone
    I am here in each fall leaf that drifts with splendid color, laying at rest, gently on the lawn
    Saying look
    I am here, in another form
    In the evening and the dawn
    Oh with the winter freeze and the deep frost of winter night
    Cling to the knowledge that I am free and bathed in warmth and have taken flight
    When the breeze of spring lifts the cold and bathes the earth
    Know that I too have had rebirth
    Know that you are never alone for I am here like the seasons and will go on and on
    And when the kiss of the sun stirs and warms the flowers of spring and welcomes the buds anew
    I am here and smiling upon your days and things anew
    It is as it should be
    Life changes and the seasons too
    Like the spring flower, I go on and on and think of you
    Waiting, learning
    Do not be in a hurry to find me
    For just as the seasons will come and go
    I will sail through time until we are one and you are not alone


    Awww G, thanks so much, that means a lot.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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