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    I finally bought a pressure cooker (electric) and I need some hints on cooking stuff..I got a cookbook with it but I don’t cook the kind of stuff in that cookbook! I need some hints for greens..how long to cook, for pot roasts, for stews, etc. I’ve never had a pressure cooker before…my aunt put the fear in me when I was 10 and she blew up a pot of peas all over the kitchen and ceiling. So this is a big leap of faith for me. Can anybody help a novice?
    Thanks in advance!


    if you do a google search for pressure cooking recipes you will come up with a lot of sites to check out.


    And now you know that the pressure cooker can be used to artistically faux paint the ceiling.


    😯 :rofl:


    My mother, when she “passed th torch”, bought me a big, eight- quart (jars) pressure cooker. I have yet to use it!!
    One of my earliest memories is that of a pressure cooker lid putting a neat round “hole” in the ceiling over the wood-burner.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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