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    Mom’s Cornbread Stuffing

    2 batches cornbread prepared according to the instructions on the mix
    (Mom used Martha White buttermilk mix.)
    2/3 of a “Family” sized loaf white sandwich bread
    6 large onions
    1 bunch of celery less 2 stalks
    1 bunch parsley
    1 tsp thyme
    1 tsp sage
    2 tsp poultry seasoning
    Salt to taste
    5 large eggs
    Hot water or chicken broth (depending on the use of the dressing.)
    Cooking oil

    In a huge pan crumble the cornbread and tear the white bread into small pieces.
    Saut’e the celery and onions in oil just until translucent ; do not allow to brown.
    Cut the long stems off the parsley and tear the parsley into small pieces. Stir the vegetables and the seasonings into the bread crumbs. Add the eggs, while stirring vigorously .
    While continuing to stir, add enough hot water to make a moist stuffing.

    (Alternate directions: if the stuffing is to be served as a side dish instead of stuffing, moisten it with chicken broth.)

    Cook the stuffing in a scant amount of oil in a large skillet until it is warm.

    Adjust the seasonings according to your mood. Store the stuffing in the refrigerator until it is time to stuff the turkey.

    (If the dressing is to be served as a side dish at a later time, bake it until it is light golden brown on top. Store it in the freezer.)


    Squash Dressing
    2 packages Mexican-style cornbread mix with jalapeno peppers
    3 eggs
    1/2 cup water
    2 cups chopped onions
    1 (10 3/4 ounces) can cream of mushroom soup
    1 (10 3/4 ounces) can cream of chicken soup
    2 cups shredded sharp Cheddar cheese
    16 ounces frozen yellow squash

    of the listed ingredients. Cut the cornbread into cubes. Saute the chopped onions in cooking spray.
    With vigor, mix the cornbread cubes, sauteed onions and remaining ingredients in the order listed. Pour

    350 degrees until it is firm, approximately 45 minutes


    Carrot / Mushroom Stuffing

    1 (10-oz) Can sliced carrots; un-drained
    1 (4-oz) Can sliced mushrooms; un-drained
    1 (14-oz) Can chicken broth
    2 ribs celery; cut into 4?5 pieces ea.
    1 TBL Rubbed sage
    12 TBL Poultry seasoning
    1 TBL Chicken bouillon powder
    3 TBL Bottled liquid margarine or melted butter or margarine
    3 English muffins; cut into 1/2″ cubes with crumbs
    1 (8-oz) Bag unseasoned croutons
    1 TBL Dry parsley; minced
    2 TBL Dry minced onion

    When you open the can of carrots, run the blade of a paring knife through
    them right in the can so that you’ve reduced them to tiny bits without
    mashing them. Empty it then into a Dutch oven. Add the mushrooms; set aside.
    Empty the cam of broth into the blender and add the celery along with the
    sage, poultry seasoning, bouillon powder and margarine. Blend a few seconds
    on high speed, only until celery is finely minced.
    Meanwhile, add the English muffin cubes, (crumbs too), croutons, parsley and
    onion to the Dutch oven. Pour blender mixture over and stir to combine with
    rubber bowl scraper until completely moist.
    Cover with a lid and bake at 350* about 45 minutes to an hour or until
    piping hot.

    Refrigerate leftovers to use within a week. Freeze to use within 4 months.


    Garlic Stuffing
    4 c dried bread croutons (made a day or two before)
    1 c diced onion
    1 c diced celery
    1 c diced apple (tart)
    1/4 c green onions -sliced
    2 T butter
    2 c chicken broth
    2 T roasted garlic-smashed with a fork
    1/2 t thyme
    1 T each chives and basil
    salt and pepper

    In heavy skillet melt the butter– saute onions, celery, apples and green onions til tender.
    Add the chicken broth, and simmer til reduced by half.
    Add garlic,thyme, chives and basil.
    Stir in croutons.
    Spoon into a buttered casserole dish and bake at 325 for 45 minutes.



    Oyster Stuffing
    2 1/4 c rice
    4 c chicken stock
    1/3 c whiskey
    2 t dried basil
    2 t dried thyme
    1 T corn oil
    3 leeks- chopped
    1 medium onion-chopped
    1 stalk celery-chopped
    3 cloves of garlic- minced
    2 c spinach leaves, gently torn into pieces
    2 small cans of smoked oysters-drained and sliced
    salt and pepper to taste

    Set oven to 450.

    -Spread the raw rice in a 9×13 casserole dish.
    In a saucepan, combine stock, whiskey and herbs.
    Bring to a boil, then pour over the rice.
    Cover casserole dish and bake for 30 minutes.

    -Meanwhile, heat oil in heavy deep skillet adding leeks,onion and celery.
    Cook til tender for about 10 minutes.
    Stir in garlic,spinach and oysters and cook til spinach wilts.
    Add this to the rice mixture, stirring gently to combine.
    Season with salt and pepper

    Oyster Dressing
    DO NOT MAKE THIS THE DAY BEFORE!!! Make it just before
    stuffing the turkey right before you bake it.
    1/2 C. celery, chopped
    1/2 C. onion, chopped
    1 bay leaf
    1/4 C. butter
    6 C. dry bread crumbs
    1 T. parsley, chopped
    3 C. raw oysters, chopped
    1 tsp. poultry seasoning
    Salt and pepper
    2 eggs, beaten
    1 3/4 C. oyster liquor plus milk, if needed
    Cook celery, onion and bay leaf in butter until tender but not brown. Discard
    the bay leaf. Add crumbs and parsley to the butter mixture. Add oysters,
    seasonings and eggs. Add enough of the liquid mixture to moisten. This will
    stuff a 10? to 12?pound turkey.


    1LB. breakfast sausage
    2LBS ground giblets
    2 medium onions, chopped
    1 bell pepper, chopped
    3 pods garlic, chopped
    3 stems celery, chopped
    green onions, parsley, salt, black pepper, and red pepper
    1 quart oysters
    1 large loaf French bread
    Brown sausage and giblets until brown. Add seasonings and veggies and cook until wilted. Add green onions, parsley, oysters and juice from oysters. Cook just until oysters curl on the ends; don’t overcook! Break bread into small pieces and add to mixture. Stuff turkey or bake in pan alone.

    Oyster Dressing

    2 cups wild rice
    1/2 pound pork sausage
    1 bunch green onions, chopped
    2 – 3 ribs celery
    1 pint oysters, quartered with oyster liqueur reserved
    2 – 3 tablespoons chopped parsley
    ground black pepper
    ground paprika

    Makes 8 servings



    Banana Stuffing for Chicken

    Recipe will stuff one (6-lb.) Bird

    1/4 c. onions,finely chopped
    1/4 tsp. poultry seasoning
    1 1/2 c. ripe banana,diced
    3/4 tsp. salt
    2 1/4 c. soft breadcrumbs, firmly packed
    1/2 c. butter (or margarine ) melted

    Prepare chicken for roasting.
    Combine ingredients for stuffing and stuff the bird.
    Put in greased uncovered roast pan in oven at 350 degrees F for about
    1 1/2 hours or until done.


    Dirty Corn Bread Stuffing

    1 lb Andouille sausage, coarsely chopped
    2 tablespoons olive oil
    6 tablespoons butter
    1 medium-sized onion, finely chopped
    2 stalks celery, chopped
    1 small red bell pepper, diced
    2 cloves garlic
    1 cup whole corn kernels (frozen or canned is fine)
    1 tablespoon Cajun spice
    1 tablespoon poultry seasoning
    1 lb cubed dried corn bread (no sugar)
    1/4 cup fresh parsley, chopped
    2 eggs
    1 qt.chicken stock
    salt and pepper to taste

    This is a great Southern-style stuffing. The Andouille sausage is a good pork sausage with a little cayenne pepper in it – not real hot but zippy! The sausage I used was from ‘Saags Sausages’, and you can get it at many independent markets. Besides the sausage,

    Pick your favorite corn bread mix or make the corn bread from scratch. If you use a corn bread mix, be sure that it has no sugar or honey added, as a sweet corn bread just doesn’t taste that good with this recipe. Bake the corn bread and cool to room temperature when done. Cut the corn bread into 1-inch cubes. Spread the corn bread cubes on a cookie sheet and bake again at 250 degrees until dry, about 15 minutes. You will need about 1 pound (about 10 cups) of dried corn bread cubes.

    Brown the diced sausage and set aside.

    In half of the butter, saute the onion, celery and garlic until the onion is translucent. Add the olive oil, red bell pepper, poultry seasoning, Cajun spice and salt and pepper to taste. Saute until vegetables are tender.

    In a large mixing bowl, combine the vegetable mixture, sausage, corn bread cubes and all remaining ingredients, including the 2 eggs, chopped parsley, and chicken stock. Mix well, place into a greased casserole dish and cover. Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes. Uncover and drizzle the remaining butter across the top. Bake uncovered for another 15 minutes until lightly crusty.

    you could use turkey liver, heart and gizzards instead of the Andouille


    Basic Dressing Or Stuffing

    3 c dry bread or buns
    2 c water
    3 TBL oil
    1 med onion, chopped
    -black pepper to taste-
    1/2 c celery, chopped
    1/2 c mushrooms, sliced
    1 lg egg
    1/2 tsp salt
    2 tsp savory OR sage

    The bread should be completely dry. You can use a variety of breads or buns that you’ve collected or buy plain croutons or use corn bread. Do not use sour dough.
    While most people cut off the crust I prefer to leave it on for texture.
    Break the bread into roughly 1 inch pieces or use unseasoned croutons.
    This recipe is light on salt. You may want to taste it before adding the egg, and adjust the seasoning.



    1 lb. fresh chestnuts
    1 1/2 lbs. ground beef
    1/2 lb. bulk pork sausage
    1 c. onion, chopped
    1 c. celery, chopped
    3 1/2 c. turkey or chicken broth
    1 c. long grain rice
    1 c. raisins
    1/2 c. slivered almonds
    2 tbsp. turkey or chicken drippings
    1 1/2 tsp. salt
    1 tsp. cinnamon
    1/4 tsp. pepper
    2 eggs, beaten

    Cut a slash in chestnuts with a sharp knife. Roast on baking sheet in 450 degree oven for 5 or 6 minutes, cool. Peel and coarsely chop. In a 12 inch skillet, cook ground beef, sausage, onion and celery until meat is browned and vegetables are tender. Drain off fat. Add 3 cups of broth, chestnuts, uncooked rice, raisins, almonds, drippings, salt, cinnamon, and pepper. Cover; simmer for 30 minutes. Remove from heat. Combine remaining 1/2 cup broth and eggs; stir into rice-meat mixture. Use to stuff a 16 to 18 pound turkey or bake covered in two 1 1/2 quart casseroles in 325 degree oven for 30 to 35 minutes. Makes about 9 cups.



    8 oz. fresh mushrooms, sliced
    2 c. chopped celery
    2 c. chopped onions
    1/2 c. butter or margarine
    6 c. (1 lb. loaf) firm textured white
    bread cubes, toasted
    1 c. chopped pecans
    1 tsp. dried sage, crushed (or to
    1 tsp. dried thyme, crushed (or to
    1 tsp. salt
    1/2 tsp. pepper
    1 c. cold, cooked wild rice
    1/4 c. butter or margarine
    2 c. chicken broth (or as needed)

    1. In a large skillet, cook mushrooms, celery and onions in 1/2 cup butter or margarine until tender.
    2. In a large mixing bowl, toss together the bread cubes, pecans, sage, thyme, salt and pepper. Add the vegetable butter mixture and toss to combine.
    3. In the same skillet, cook the wild rice in the remaining 1/4 cup butter or margarine for 3 minutes, stirring the wild rice mixture once or twice. 4. Add rice mixture to the bread mixture and toss well to combine. Add enough broth to moisten the mixture.
    5. Transfer to a 2 quart casserole. Cover and bake in a 325 or 350 degree oven for 30 to 45 minutes or until heated through.
    Makes 10 to 12 servings.
    NOTE: If you’d like to stuff your turkey with this dressing, start with a 12 pound turkey.



    1 c. butter
    2 c. celery, thinly sliced
    1 1/2 c. chopped onions
    3 eggs
    2 1/4 tsp. salt
    2 tsp. poultry seasonings
    1/2 tsp. pepper
    14 c. white bread crumbs
    2 c. chopped walnuts
    1/4 c. chopped parsley

    In 3 quart dutch oven or saucepot, over medium heat, melt butter. Cook celery and onions 10 minutes, stirring frequently. Remove from heat. In bowl mix eggs, salt, poultry seasonings and pepper. To celery mixture add bread cubes, egg mixture, walnuts and parsley. Makes about 14 cups stuffing for a 12 to 14 pound bird.


    Rice-Orzo Dressing

    2 cups Rice
    1/2 cups Orzo
    2 tsp. Salt
    4 cups Boiling Water
    3 Tbsp Rendered Butter Recipe

    Soak rice in warm water with 1 teaspoon salt for 1 hour. Rinse rice
    thoroughly in water and drain. Melt butter in pan and add orzo. Stir until
    browned. Add rice, stirring gently about 2 minutes. Add boiling water and
    1 teaspoon salt. Cook on low fire in covered saucepan until water is
    absorbed (about 20 minutes). Sprinkle cinnamon over rice when cooked. Can
    Use to stuff cavity of 6 pound bird.


    Potato Stuffing

    Par-boil a few potatoes (never tried the red ones, yet), meantime,
    saute onions, garlic and celery, according to taste.

    You’re going to dice up the potatoes, and mix them well with some
    seasonings you like (we just use salt and pepper)

    Add the potatoes with the onions, garlic and celery that you sauteed.
    I use a stuffing bag, and place it into the turkey or chicken, then
    bake as you normally would bake a stuffed chicken or turkey.

    The juices from the bird really make the flavor of the stuffing

    You could add the drippings from the bottom of the pan
    if you have extra potato stuffing left over. Just bake it in the


    Sausage, Apple, and Dried Cranberry Stuffing

    3 3/4 cups white bread cubes
    1 pound bulk sausage
    1 cup diced onion
    3/4 cup chopped celery
    2 1/2 teaspoons dried sage
    1 1/2 teaspoons dried rosemary
    1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
    1 medium Golden Delicious apple ? peeled, cored and chopped
    3/4 cup dried cranberries
    1/3 cup chopped parsley
    1 cooked chicken liver, diced
    3/4 cup turkey stock
    4 tablespoons melted butter
    Preheat oven to 350F. Bake the whole?wheat and white bread cubes until
    evenly golden brown. Transfer toasted bread cubes to a large bowl and
    let them cool.
    In a large skillet, cook the sausage and chopped onions over moderate
    heat, stirring and breaking up the lumps until fully cooked. Add the
    chopped celery, sage, rosemary and thyme; cook for 2 minutes while
    Add the sausage mixture to the bread with the chopped apples, dried
    cranberries, parsley and reserved liver. Toss mixture well. Drizzle
    the stock and the melted butter over the mixture; toss stuffing well.



    3?4 loaves of white bread (or 5 if you like leftovers)
    chicken broth
    insides of the turkey
    2 bunches of celery
    1 or 2 onions
    2 Tablespoon butter
    1/2 tsp. sage
    oysters (optional)
    mushrooms (option)
    The night before you want to eat the stuffing, break the bread into small
    pieces (about 1 inch squares) into 2 huge bowls or pots. Let the bread sit
    overnight to dry out. The next day, after you remove the insides of
    turkey, boil them in water in 2/3 qt. sauce pan until cooked (about 20/30
    minutes). Remove insides for later use or discard. Keep water and put
    Preheat oven to 350F. Chop onion and celery until minced. Melt 2?3 tablespoons of butter in large
    saucepan. Saute onion and celery until heated through. Do not brown!
    (Saute mushrooms also at this time if wanted). Depending on how much
    stuffing you want and how much celery and onion you’ve chopped, you may have
    to saute the onion and celery in two parts. Once cooked, pour the
    onion/celery mixture directly over the dried out bread. Pour 1/2 tsp. sage
    over bread/onion/celery mixture. Then take your reserved water and pour
    slowly over bread. The bread will shrink as you do this. Be careful not to
    pour too much water in. Mix thoroughly and smell/taste for perfect
    If you need more liquid, open a can of chicken broth and pour
    over bread. If you need more spice, add more sage.
    Once stuffing is of a consistency that it will
    stick together and does not look too dry, do not add more liquid. Either
    stuff in turkey to be baked in oven, or put in 9 x 13 pan.
    Bake in 350 degree oven for 45 minutes to an hour. You want the stuffing to have a nice brown crust on top.
    P.S. If you are cooking the stuffing in a pan and not inside the turkey, try
    stuffing the turkey with small apples. It smells wonderful and the apples
    have a great flavor when you take them out.

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