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    Dinner in a Bag

    Marinate chicken in a zip-type plastic bags with chopped garlic, thyme and white wine. Chicken may be frozen with marinade in the bags ahead of time.

    Quarter small red potatoes. Place in a separate zip-type plastic bag with some olive oil, chopped garlic and rosemary. Potatoes can also be prepared ahead of time.

    Mix romaine and field greens in a separate zip-type plastic bag. Bring salad dressing in another small container.

    To prepare, take chicken out of the bag and roast over hot coals on the grill or pan fry on camp stove. Wrap potatoes in aluminum foil and roast over hot coals. Takes about 1 hour to prepare. When chicken and potatoes are almost done, pour some salad dressing in the bag with the salad and mix up. Serve.

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