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    A type of Szechuan pepper

    The Italian word for “beans,” usually white kidney beans. String beans are called fagiolini . See also BEANS.

    SKIRT STEAK that has been marinated in a mixture of oil, lime juice, red pepper and garlic for at least 24 hours before being grilled. The cooked meat is cut into strips that are then usually wrapped (BURRITO-style) in warm TORTILLAS, accompanied by a variety of garnishes including grilled onions and sweet peppers, GUACAMOLE, REFRIED BEANS and SALSA.

    1. An egg-noodle dough that is grated or minced and used in soups.
    2. In Jewish cookery, farfel refers to food–such as dried noodles–broken into small pieces.

    Made from CEREAL grains, farina is a bland-tasting flour or meal that, when cooked in boiling water, makes a hot breakfast cereal. It’s very easily digested and rich in protein.

    farmer cheese; farmer’s cheese
    This fresh cheese is a form of COTTAGE CHEESE from which most of the liquid has been pressed. The very dry farmer cheese is sold in a solid loaf. It has a mild, slightly tangy flavor and is firm enough to slice or crumble. It’s an all-purpose cheese that can be eaten as is or used in cooking


    fat mop
    see GREASE MOP

    fiddlehead fern
    A young, edible, tightly coiled fern frond that resembles the spiral end of a violin (fiddle). They have a flavor akin to an asparagus-green bean-okra cross and a texture that’s appealingly chewy.

    five-spice powder
    Used extensively in CHINESE COOKING, this pungent mixture of five ground spices usually consists of equal parts of CINNAMON, CLOVES, FENNEL seed, STAR ANISE and SZECHUAN PEPPERCORNS. Prepackaged five-spice powder is available in Asian markets and most supermarkets.

    [gal-LYAH-noh] A sweet, anise-flavored, golden yellow liqueur made in Italy.

    [gahn-AHSH] A rich chocolate icing made of semisweet chocolate and whipping cream that are heated and stirred together until the chocolate has melted. The mixture is cooled until lukewarm and poured over a cake or torte.

    grease mop
    An inexpensive kitchen tool that looks like a miniature rag mop made with absorbent white strips. When a grease mop is brushed over the surface of a soup or stock, the strips absorb floating grease. Grease mops (also called fat mops ) are available in specialty gourmet shops and the cookware section of some department stores.

    green goddess dressing
    This dressing was created in the 1920s by the chef at San Francisco’s Palace Hotel in honor of actor George Arliss, who was appearing locally in a play called “Green Goddess.” The classic green goddess dressing is a blend of mayonnaise, tarragon vinegar, anchovies, parsley, chives, tarragon, scallions and garlic. In addition to dressing salads, it’s often used as a sauce for fish and shellfish.

    Found along the Pacific coast of the United States, this rather ugly fish has a huge mouth and sharp teeth. There are nine greenling species but only one, the LINGCOD (see listing ), is generally sold commercially.

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