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    Waking up each morning and asking how
    How do I go through today how do I care?
    Making my self do and be and wondering

    Knowing you own the answers,
    Having the power within to succeed
    Yet giving in to the wind
    Feeling blown around
    Like a careless reed
    Oh how we punish ourselves
    Taking on the impossible task
    Pretending we are fine
    Putting on a mask
    Knowing somewhere within
    Maybe buried deep
    That we have the power to change our experience
    So why do I weep?

    Oh the dark days
    We all have them but we must let them go
    They serve no one for the better
    And feed upon our woe
    We cry out for help but turn a deaf ear
    To the voice of reason, someone who will care
    The power to change is ever so near
    Oh the dark days
    The sky is still blue
    Yet why do I choose something against
    What I hold true?
    Is it a lesson that only can be learned by me?
    If I hold the power than why do I cry?
    Do you see?
    Turn it around
    I must say every day
    The future is mine
    I can choose how I play
    And so I go on I choose to change and to live
    Do you really get back?
    Whatever you give?


    That was really touching G, thanks for sharing!


    I can definately relate to this one generall


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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