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    Corn Bread Stuffing for 100

    Servings: 100 Portions (2 Pans)
    Portions: 1/2 Cup Each
    Pan Size: 12 by 20-inch Steam Table Pan
    Temperature: 350 degrees F. Oven

    2 1/4 quart (3 lb) celery, fresh, finely chopped
    2 1/4 quart (3 lb) onions, dry, finely chopped
    1 quart salad oil
    3 3/4 gallon (6 lb) bread, day old, diced
    5 1/2 quart (4 lb 8 oz) corn bread, coarse crumbs
    3 tablespoon salt
    1 tablespoon pepper, black
    4 tablespoon (1 oz) poultry seasoning, ground
    1 1/4 gallon stock, chicken or turkey
    2 cups (10 eggs) eggs, whole, beaten

    Saute clery and onions in salad oil until onions are tender. Combine breads, salt, pepper, and poultry seasoning. Toss lightly. Pour sauteed vegetables over bread mixture and toss lightly. Mix stock and eggs together; pour over bread and vegetable mixture; mix lightly but thoroughly. Place an equal quantity of mixture in each pan. Bake 1 hour or until top is browned.

    5 oz Soup and Gravy base, chicken, and 1 1/4 gallon water may be used in place of stock. Omit salt and season to taste. Corn bread may be prepared the day before. Prepare 1/2 “Corn Bread” recipe.

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