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    Chicken Cacciatore for 100

    Servings: 100 Portions (2 Pans)
    Portions: 2 Pieces plus 1/3 Cup Sauce
    Pan Size: 18 by 24-inch Roasting Pans
    Temperature: 325 degrees F. Oven

    12-16 (2 oz) cloves garlic, dry, minced
    3 quart (3 lb) onions, dry, sliced
    1-1/2 quart (2 lb) peppers, sweet, fresh, chopped
    2 cups (1 lb) salad oil or shortening, melted
    2 1/4 gallon (19 lb 2 oz or 3-No. 10 can) tomatoes, canned, crushed or chopped
    10 1/2 cups (5 lb 13 oz or 3-No. 2-1/2 can) soup and gravy base, chicken
    1 gallon water, boiling
    5 bay leaves, whole
    2 1/4 tablespoon chili powder
    2 teaspoon oregano, ground
    1/4 cup (2-1/2 oz) salt
    50 lb. chicken, broiler-fryer, cut-up, thawed
    3 quart (3 lb) flour, wheat, general purpose, sifted
    1/4 cup (2-1/2 oz) salt
    2 tablespoon pepper, black
    1 quart (2 lb) shortening, melted or salad oil

    Saute garlic, onions, and peppers in salad oil or melted shortening until tender. Add
    tomatoes, tomato paste, Soup and Gravy base, water, bay leaves, chili powder, oregano,
    and 1/4 cup salt. Simmer 1-1/2 hours. Set aside.

    Wash chicken thoroughly under cold running water. Drain well. Dredge chicken in mixture
    of flour, 1/4 cup salt, and pepper; shake off excess. Brown chicken in batches in
    shortening or salad oil; overlap in rows in pans. Pour 4 1/2 quart sauce over chicken in
    each pan. Cover; bake 1 hour or until chicken is tender.

    3 lb 5 oz dry onions A.P. will yield 3 lb sliced onions and 2 lb 7 oz fresh sweet
    peppers will yield 2 lb chopped peppers.

    72 lb chicken, broiler-fryer, whole (cut into quarters or eighths) or 72 lb chicken,
    broiler-fryer, quartered may be used.

    Chicken may be browned in 365 degrees F. deep fat about 5 minutes or in a 400 degrees
    F. oven for 20 minutes.

    Other sizes and types of pans may be used.

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