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    The Pizza was our goal, but, after seeing the menu, we opted for dinner;

    Calamari Ricardo was not rubbery at all and the dipping sauce was nicely seasoned.

    The warden’s crab cake was the best we’ve had outside our kitchen.

    Linguine Pescatore was very nice.
    The Bloody Mary was inadequate, mostly crushed ice, but the Cayenne pepper slice instead of the obligatory celery rib was a nice touch.

    the Warden tried the Eggplant Paresan….. The eggplant slices were too thin and tended to be soggy.
    The bread was hot and fresh, and the dipping sauce was addicting (recipe posted)

    Might have to go back to try the pizza, which is cooked in a wood-burner.

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    All in all, it sounds like you had a pretty decent meal there Lucky!




    We sat at the pizza bar, and loved it! The service was very good, and the guy making the pizzas put on quite a show for us we chatted back and forth and joked around with him when we commented about likeing cheese he took an extra handful and dropped on pizzas, the soda glasses never ran out before a refill arrived, the bread and dipping sauce was fantastic, calimari was crispy but not hard, and because we were having so much fun our desserts were comped by the pizza maker.. so dinner for 2 – bread and dipping oil, calimari, 2 pizzas, 2 unlimited sodas, 2 free desserts came to $30. and we needed doggie bags to haul leftovers home! I am ready to go back anytime!

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