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    Went to Larry’s Wednesday; we all tried a new fish house near him; the
    Bonefish Grille. (same owners as Outback) Wasn’t so great; Upscale, pricey,
    Limited menu…….
    Larry’s appetizer was a fancy name for what turned out to be bacon-wrapped scallops.
    For his main course, He chose a trout filet that didn’t even look
    or taste like fish. It was about 1/8th of an inch thick, so it couldn’t
    possibly be anything but overdone, plus it was drowned in a lemon-butter
    sauce, so’s you wouldn’t get the taste of the trout, even if it WASN”T
    cooked out already. It was listed on the menu as “Snake River Rainbow
    Trout”, so I’m sure it started the day frozen solid…………

    I got a grilled shrimp and scallop dish (18 bucks) that consisted of three
    shrimps and 4 scallops, (three of the scallops were artistically tucked into
    the curve of the shrimps, la-ti-da!) with four asparagus spears and a small
    serving of shoe-peg corn. The corn was nice; milky, but not much more than two healthy bites.
    The ladies (the big ones) each chose to expand an appetizer into an entree’,
    and went for the crab cakes. They got 2 cakes, each about 2 ounces, and
    they reported that they were yummy (but not big enough to surrender to me a taste), with a “Wasabi” type seasoning.
    The ladies (the little ones) shared a burnt steak. They ate it up. (plenty
    of ketchup!)
    The vegetables were the same on all entree’s.
    We all tried a cup of their “Famous” Lump crab and corn
    chowder……..tasted like it came out of a can, was more like a bisque than a chowder, and the only “lump” I found
    was potato cubes.
    The one thing that was pleasant was my Calamari Appetizer. Not over-done at
    all; instead of the usual tomato-based dipping sauce, they offered a smoky
    “Chimichuri” kinda sauce, which worked well. Julianna (5 yrs. old) was anxious to try a
    bite, but in trying to explain just what “Calamari” was, her Mom told her it
    was “Sponge-Bob’s neighbor, Squidward” (not exactly accurate, as Squidward
    is an octopus). That was the end of that ! She wasn’t about to bite
    Sponge-Bob’s second-best buddy !
    The “Sweet Tea” was just that! They are obviously following a Colonel
    sanders recipe……….
    Price for five entree’s, two appetizers, four cups of soup and six iced teas $131 plus tip.
    We all agreed we wouldn’t be back.


    Holy crap!! What a disappointment!! Sorry y’all had such a bummer of a night!! I’ll know not to go there if they ever open here!! Blechhhhh!!

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