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    8 lbs. sm. dry white beans
    4 pkgs. bacon, sliced
    5 onions, chopped
    2 lbs. brown sugar
    1 very lg. bottle ketchup
    5 cans tomato sauce
    1 1/2 bottles liquid smoke
    1/2 (13 oz. size) jar mustard

    Put beans to soak the night before. (They will cook quicker the next day.) Drain and cover with clean water. Add salt and pepper. While beans cook (about 2 hours) brown bacon and onions. Rinse beans when cooked and put in a very large roaster or preferably an electric roaster. Add all ingredients and drained bacon and onions and stir well. Check for salt and flavor. Bake at 225 about 6 hours or 3-4 hours at 325 degrees. Stir occasionally. Serves 100.

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