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    • Cooking Tips
      Cooking Tips: Please add your cooking tips and ideas here! We have cooking tips for turkey, gravy, popcorn, pizza tips, bread cooking tips, herb tips, cheese, eggs, cake, canning, syrup, wine, how to season cast iron cookware, and much more!
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    • Cooking Conversions
      Cooking Conversions: Our cooking conversions include: Measurements, Ingredient Substitutions, useful kitchen measurements, American to European weights, canning chart, can sizes, baking pan sizes, wieghts and liquids conversion chart, grams to ounces, boiling water canner information and more.
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    • Cooking Questions
      Cooking Questions: Have a cooking question? Have an cooking answer? Please add them here! Please add answers to questions by clicking on the exact question and posting a reply. Our members help with cooking questions. Some questions about cooking that have been answered: Electric pressure cooker, cheddar cheese substitute, bottom round and top round, roux, making Cajun spice, meat extract, beef, alligator, butter or margarine, salsa, cake, egg wash, and more!
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    • Cooking Dictionary
      Our Cooking dictionary includes, Al dente, albumen, Aromat, aspic, au point, bain marie, bake, bake blind, ballotine, bard, baste, batter, beurre manie, blackened, blanc, blanche, boil, braise, brochette, brunoise, and many many more.
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    • Cajun Dictionary
      Our Cajun dictionary contains many phrases for the Cajun dialect. Please add all Cajun terms and definitions in the Cajun dictionary here! Our Cajun dictionary contains, Andouille, Atchafalaya, beignet, bisque, Boucherie, Boudin, Bouilli, Bouille, Boulet, cafe au lait , Cafe Brulot, Cajun, Calliope, and much more!
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    • Member’s Favorite Recipes
      Member's Favorite Recipes: This section is for all our members to post at least one of their favorite and most loved recipes. It doesn't have to be your own recipe, but if you do have one of your own, we would love to have it too! Please post at least one!
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