In addition to cooking (and eating) great foods, I am a huge craft beer fan. I love to try new brews and appreciate all the interesting flavors that brewers are trying today.

I recently stumbled upon an incredible blog that combines the love of craft beer with cooking. Jackie of The Beeroness blog posts her original recipes that use craft beer in the ingredients. When I browse her recipes I am amazed how each one sounds even better than the last! I have a long list already of recipes that I am eager to try from her blog.

Last week I prepared her Beer Braised Chicken Sliders With Hoisin Beer Barbecue Sauce. This recipe is super easy to prepare and packs flavors that taste like you slaved over the stove all day to create them. I used Long Trail Brewmaster Series Imperial Porter to braise the chicken and make the barbecue sauce. You can definitely experiment by using your favorite craft-brewed porter in this recipe.

beer braised bbq chicken sliders

Jump on over to The Beeroness to browse a ton of great beer-inspired recipes. You can find the recipe for these sliders here.