Sargento Cheese Quesadilla
I’ve always loved cheese. (Who doesn’t?) It really does make everything better. I can not resist a nice grilled cheese sandwich or a burger with some bacon and a ton of melted cheddar on it.

I was excited when I received the opportunity to do a taste test through the Foodbuzz Tastemakers Program. The objective was to compare Sargento Natural Cheese with processed cheese. This was an easy challenge for me since I’m already a fan of Sargento cheese.


I will admit, as a child, I loved a simple grilled cheese sandwich made with those plastic wrapped processed cheese slices. As I grew older, and cooked more, I quickly learned that there are much better quality cheeses out there. Sargento cheeses are all natural and never processed.

Sargento Pepper Jack CheeseSargento Colby-Jack Cheese

So for my taste test I decided to make some fajita quesadillas. I selected a combination of Sargento Pepper Jack and Colby-Jack cheeses for one, and processed American cheese for the other. My girlfriend Katie assisted me with the preparation and tasting. (btw. she loves cheese too!) During the preparation, we immediately noticed the difference in quality between the processed American and natural Sargento cheeses. The processed cheese feels more like a soft plastic and has a glossy appearance. It just doesn’t look natural. The Sargento cheese looked so good we wanted to eat it right out of the package.

Compare Cheeses
I fried my flour tortillas briefly, then assembled the quesadilla with cheese, sauteed peppers and onions in the middle. Then, I grilled them in my panini press. When they were ready, the one that was made with Sargento cheese had cheese oozing out the side. We were ready to dig in!

Processed American Cheese Quesadilla
Processed American Cheese Quesadilla

First we sampled the quesadilla that was made with processed American cheese. I felt it lacked flavor and had an unpleasant texture. Next, we sampled the Sargento quesadilla. So much better! The cheese melted perfectly, had a great texture and had a nice rich flavor.

Sargento Natural Cheese Quesadilla
Sargento Natural Cheese Quesadilla

The result was clear. Sargento makes the perfect cheeses. Sargento natural cheeses have the aromas, flavors, and textures I love to use in my home cooking. The secret to any dish is the quality of the ingredients you use. Katie said that after comparing natural and processed cheese like this, it makes her never want to have processed again. I always say, Natural is better!