Here are some recipes that were submitted to my blog carnival many months ago. I apologize for the delay, but here they are. 🙂 Hope you enjoy some of these.

Chris presents Try these 7 incredible Indian dishes for your instant OM! moment posted at nomad4ever.

Katherine McMahon presents Just a couple more uses for Soy Sauce posted at Simply Gluten Free.

An Easy Recipe presents Grilled Salmon With Grilled Vegetables and Herb Vinaigrette posted at An Easy Recipe.

Emma presents How to get away with cooking once a week for your baby posted at Baby-Log.

troxel317 presents Chocolate Truffle Cookies posted at Food Notes.

CzechFolks presents Exploring Czech Food – Part VI – Famous Potato Salad (Poznavame Ceska Jidla – Cast VI – Slavny Bramborovy Salat) posted at

Katie presents Those Apples Are Getting Saucy posted at Making This Home.

Erika Collin presents 50 Foods That Will Help You Feel and Look More Beautiful posted at National Massage Certification.

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