The wonderful crew over at Country Bob’s sent me a sample of their All Purpose Sauce, so this weekend I put it to the test.  I would say that the sauce is similar to A1 sauce.  So for the test, I prepared two different dishes.  On Saturday, I made my famous sausage and peppers for my girlfriends graduation party.  I added a bit of the sauce to my regular recipe and I must admit it added a very nice flavor.  I received tons of compliments on my sausage and peppers at the party.  Next, on Sunday I made boneless grilled chicken breasts.  I grilled the chicken for about a minute on each side and then brushed some of the sauce onto the chicken and continued to cook until it was done.  The chicken came out nice and moist and full of flavor.  A few of my family members are not fans of sauces that contain liquid smoke and Country Bob’s does not contain any smoke flavoring.   So far I am very happy with Country Bob’s sauce!  I have a feeling this will be my go-to ingredient for many summer barbecues!

Country Bob's All Purpose SauceWith this all-purpose sauce, you can grill, cook, and marinate with it, also add it in your soups, stews, and baked beans.  I can’t wait to make a nice thick burger seasoned with this sauce!  On the Country Bob’s website, you can find a bunch of mouth watering recipes that their sause tastes great in.  You can order their sauce directly on their website, but I do recommend that you ask your local grocery store to start carrying this product.  And let me fill you in on a little known secret…if you sign up for their free newsletter, they will send you a FREE bottle of All-Purpose sauce.