I hope everyone had a great weekend. Here in NY we got hit by tons of rain and wind! I can’t wait for the nice weather to arrive. I brightened up my gloomy Sunday by searching the web for some other great blogs and recipes. I figured, why not share some of what I found.

On the Everything And Nothing blog you can find some links to some great healthy and hearty one-pot meals that are ready when you are. Some recipes from this post that caught my eye were the Mushroom & Green Bean Casserole and the Spicy Black Bean Chili.

Do you like Chili like me? Of course you do! Why not try a meatless version??? Check out Mike’s Manly Vegetarian Chili

Another one of my favorites is eggplant parm….but why not take this classic recipe to the next level? I found this healthy recipe for Vegetable Parmigiano and can’t wait to try it out this week.

Want even more meatless recipes?

Meatless Recipes Carnival of the Recipes

10000 Birds has the The Meatless Edition of the Carnival of the Recipes posted.

Do you have any favorite vegetarian or vegetable based recipes?